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May 9, 2011


Clearing the Lot

by Shane and Samantha


this small brush pile marks the approximate location of the front door.


This weekend we spent time soaking in the land and figuring out exactly where we want to build our home.  Once we started looking around I soon realized that the picture I had in my minds eye was a bit off from the actual geography and size of the home.  As Randall (our dear friend and long time resident of Goliad who is our expert, consultant, and co-builder) walked the perimeter of the home I quickly saw that we had to move the house quite a distance South from where I had initially thought it should go.  This shift gives us plenty of space between the new home and the existing home and also gives us plenty of room to build a parking area and drive.

a big thicket of brush!

The area basically looks like an impenetrable thicket of wildness.  We talked at length about the types of trees we’ll be keeping (Texas Live Oak, Wild Persimmon, Hackberry and some of the nice Mesquites) and the ones we’ll be digging up (Catsclaw, Blackbrush and any of the small or competing trees).   It’s hard to imagine what it’s going to look like once it’s cleared, and Shane is looking foward to uncovering the secret treasures behind the curtain of brush.  We’re snuggling the house between some of the bigger trees in the area so we we’ll have a head start on using shade trees to help keep the house cool. 

The sendera marks the West perimeter of the house.

Because of the current drought here in South Texas, Randall is going to have to clear out a pretty large area for the burn pile and we’re going to have to wait until the burn ban is lifted to actually burn it.  The only problem this poses is we need quite a bit of space to put the 6 containers until we’re ready to put them in place, and this burn pile area will take up quite a bit of this space.  One thing I am excited about though, is that once the burn pile is burned it will make a great spot to start my garden.  The ash will fertilize the ground and the area will be cleared and ready to go!

We also discussed the curent septic tank (that needs to be upgraded) and tossed some ideas back and forth about where to put the new tank and how we could put both houses on the same septic system.  This won’t put too much pressure on one tank since we are planning on running an extensive gray water system to support the fruit trees we’ll be planting.

The clearing starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and marks the unofficial ground breaking.  Stay tuned for big tractor pics!

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  1. Carlee
    May 18 2011

    WOW! So excited for you guys! I remember looking these types of houses up about two years ago… and ran into the same problem as you…. very little info. I can’t wait to watch how it all develops!

    You say there is an existing house on the property? Is this someone else’s or did you purchase the home with the land?


    • Hi Carlee!

      Yes, there is a small house already on the property that Shane’s dad used to live in before he passed to the Summerland. We’ll be using it as my soap workshop, magick room and guest house once our new home is finished. In the meantime we’ll be living in it this summer as we work on the new house. It’s only about 600 sq ft, which is why we’re building a bigger house.

      See you soon!!


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