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Patience is a VIRTUE

Okay, so it’s been two and a half weeks since I posted on our progress- and there’s a good reason for that.  The clearing process has been laborious and time consuming.  The good news is we have cleared enough space for the house to include a sizeable front and back yard.   We’ve also uncovered some beautiful Oaks and other trees that were hidded behind all the brush.  The land is taking shape and offering her gifts as each layer is peeled away.

The next step is to dig the holes for the foundation piers and pour the concrete.  We have decided to bring in the shipping containers two at a time, the first two of which will be the most important as they will function as the control center of the entire house.  This is where the hot water heater, major plumbing, AC and electical panel will be located.  Shane has been hard at work engineering all these plans and we are taking it slowly so we don’t make any mistakes!   

Shane bought a small portable AC unit yesterday that we’ll be using to keep the house cool as we work.  Here in south Texas we’re experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, and we are already under severe heat warnings from the National Weather Service.  The result is that we have to plan on slowing things down a bit during the heat of the day. 

Randall has been such a blessing- not only because he has an amazing back hoe and mad skills to operate it, but mainly because he is helping us engineer this project and has taken the time and love to plan it out step by step with Shane.  He gently points out details we’ve missed and humbly guides us in the right direction when we get carried away.  Words cannot express my gratitude for all the guidance and love Randall has shared with our family.  We could not do this project without him.

I don’t have any photos to post right now, but I promise to have a few posted by the end of the week!